Reinventing Work: Handbook

Our handbook aims to guide all those involved in the Reinventing Work community. It's written in pencil to be ever-evolving. You can suggest edits and additions over on Slack.

Our purpose

Reinventing Work is a community & playground for new ways of working

We recognise that the most common ways humans work and organise has brought about disengagement, inequality and unhappiness, while exploiting the natural world.

Gallups latest 'State of the Global Workplace’ report says that only 23% of employees feel involved in and enthusiastic about their work. 62% are uninspired and do the bare minimum, while 15% are actively disengaged.

We believe humans have huge amounts of untapped energy and creativity, and by better organising and directing our work, we can overcome the great problems of our time. We aim to realign our organisations with the needs of people and planet, and to do this by empowering people to think boldly, embrace diversity, act intentionally and create collectively.

Our values

We collaborate, work transparently and share ideas freely. We do what we say we will, hold each other accountable, and learn together. Sometimes this means ‘calling in’ the behaviour we expect.

If we notice a problem or opportunity, we act (see ‘How we decide stuff’). We seek projects that energise us, networking and collaborating freely.

We are curious, seek many perspectives, and are open to feedback. We are committed to being better humans by regularly reflecting, adapting and evolving. We are not tied to any one way of doing things.

Roles you can play

We'd love your support in organising, growing, and strengthening the movement:w

  • Reinventor - if you’re energised by our purpose then welcome, no application necessary!

  • Co-organiser - anyone who contributes meaningfully to the Reinventing Work community and / or the Co-organisers Channel on Slack

  • Steward - anyone who attends 3 or more Stewardship meetings per year

How we decide stuff

Our purpose is our boss, so decisions must seek to help meet our purpose. We use The Advice Process to make decisions. This means:

“Anyone can make any decision, so long as they are willing to take responsibility for the outcome, and they have first listened to input from anyone who will be affected, or who has relevant expertise. Notice it says listened to, not agreed with. If your relationships are good, this gives you most of the benefits of consensus, at a fraction of the cost.” Richard Bartlett

The following steps outline how we put The Advice Process into practice:

  1. Take initiative — having noticed an issue or opportunity you have a responsibility to take initiative or to alert someone else

  2. Gather input — listen to, or at least consider various perspectives

  3. Propose your decision — Slack is a great place to do this

  4. Make and communicate your decision — having taken all advice into account, make your decision and inform those who will be affected by it


Nobody gets paid for supporting Reinventing Work. Reinventors, Co-organisers and Stewards volunteer our time because we’re passionate about our purpose.

  • Profit: if money generated from Reinventing Work activity covers costs, that’s cool. If money goes in your/businesses pocket, then there would need to be something really great in it for us too (such as activity that reaches a huge audience or encourage loads more engagement in the community).

  • Promotion and Collaboration: using our brand to promote anything outside of Reinventing Work activity is probably not cool. There may be exceptions, so speak to a Steward if you have an idea for a collaboration that might benefit the community.

  • Inclusion & Exclusion: If you notice that someone is having difficulty listening, speaking or behaving kindly, or if they’re acting in a way that may undermine our purpose, values or principles: it’s your responsibility to feed back to that person. If you’re not comfortable doing so, alert another Reinventor and make sure a conversation takes place. This article describes good feedback.

Reinventing Work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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